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Warwick Risk Management Society is thrilled to announce that we will be holding our annual elections on Monday, 18th February 2019 in L4
Available positions


Running for a position

We are happy that you are considering running for a position in the Executive Committee. Below, you will find details about how to run for a position.

  • Candidates must be a member of the society.
  • Candidates will run for one position only. Available positions outlined below.
  • Candidates must nominate themselves for a position and submit their manifesto by sunday, 17th of February 2019 at 23:59.
  • A manifesto must be one single PowerPoint slide. Candidates are free to decide on the content of their manifesto.
  • Candidates are expected to deliver a short speech on election night.
  • Time limit for speeches are as follows: 2 minutes for Senior Executives, 1 minute and 30 seconds for Team Coordinators.

Available Positions

The Executive Committee 2019-2020 will consist of the Senior Executives (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and the following teams: Creative, Corporate Relations & Operations, Marketing and Social Events. Below you will find all of the available roles, including descriptions and requirements for each.

It is crucial to note that the description for each role as outlined below is for suggestive purposes only. Elected officers must shape their own role according to their abilities and ideas, as well as the needs of the society. It is important to be proactive and so the roles go beyond what is described below.


For the senior executive roles, you must have previous leadership experience.

  • Must have previous leadership experience and must be an active member of the society
  • Leads the whole Executive Team
  • Oversees all of the activities and operations of the society
  • Ensures that the society is continuously growing and reaching its potential
  • Sets ambitious targets and works with the whole team to achieve them
  • Leads the collaboration with other societies
  • Delegates tasks and manages the team
  • This role combines the Vice President and Head of Strategy roles from last year
  • Must have exciting ideas for growth and must devise strategies
  • Generates strategies and ideas; comes up with new ventures that WRM can undertake
  • Assists the President with tasks related to team management and task delegation
  • Oversees their own projects which should contribute to society growth and member experience enrichment
  • Stands in for the President in case of absence
  • Well-informed about all the developments and be in regular contact with all the Exec
  • Responsible for innovation within the society
  • Takes a proactive approach to identify key areas in which the society can expand its reach
  • Executes smart ideas using collaboration
  • Works closely with the President
  • An example of innovation was the creation of 'Careers Lab', a careers mentorship programme; the first of its kind at the university, helping 100 students advance into the assessment centre stages of applications and secure a summer internship
  • Schedules weekly Executive Committee meetings, taking into consideration timetables of relevant courses and other events
  • Handles room bookings for general society activities, such as Exec meetings or annual elections
  • Ensures the society functions smoothly by assisting with event planning
  • Liaises with the SU on administrative matters
  • Ensures members are kept up to date on activities and operations through email newsletters
  • Manages the society's email, in particular when communicating with members
  • Writes meeting minutes and circulates them within the Executive Team
  • Must be incredibly well-organised as this role involves a lot of keeping record of papers and handling sponsorship
  • Compiles sponsorship proposals to be distributed to potential sponsors in the beginning of the Executive Term
  • Communicates with a lot of potential sponsors, mostly through email and on the phone
  • Nurtures relationships wih existing sponsors
  • Must be persuasive when pitching the society's sponsorship proposal to firms
  • Manages a multi-thousand pound budget ad other funds of the society
  • Records and forecasts the (incoming) funds of the soceity and the (outgoing) expenses
  • Ensures that the society has enough money for all its activities and operations, leaving a sufficient amount in the end of the academic year
  • Deals with finance-related matters, such as submitting money request forms to the SU


These roles will be leading and overseeing their team. Team member positions will be appointed by the newly-elected Exec.

  • This role is fundamental to the growth and success of the society
  • Must have creative design experience and must be proficient in using design software, such as Photoshop
  • Leads the Creative Team and ensures all tasks are completed by their deadline
  • Produces very high-quality and exciting creative solutions for the society, including event banners, posters, videos, publicity materials etc.
  • Generates innovative ideas and creative solutions in order to boost exposure for the society
  • Thinks outside the box and suggests fresh ideas to the Executive Team in terms of new ways to market the society and its activities
  • Must have excellent communication skills
  • Communicates with firms to arrange careers events
  • Communicates frequently with the Head of Marketing to promote events
  • Innovates constantly and comes up with new event ideas
  • Continuously builds and maintains strong relationships with sponsors
  • Arranges other bespoke events, such as speaker series events and talks
  • Handles room bookings for careers events and other related events, such as talks
  • Inspects the university calendar and the timetables of relevant courses when selecting appropriate dates for events
  • May be required to host an event and act as the presenter
  • Prepares the events in advance by making sure that everything has been handled
  • Arranges food and refreshments, and guarantees that selected venues are confirmed and reserved
  • Estimates turnout for events at the behest of firms who may request an estimate
  • This role combines the Head of Marketing, Head of Communications and Head of Publicity roles from last year
  • Must be highly organised and must be an eloquent writer
  • Must be familiar with the top social media platforms
  • Captivates the attention of our audience and keeps them engaged
  • Manages all social media accounts of WRM, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Regularly updates our website
  • Understands social media tools to reach a wide audience
  • Writes concisely and effectively to maximise event turnouts
  • Works closely with other relevant Execs
  • Understands the selling points of events and communicates these effectively in our publications
  • Generates publicity for the society in general to gain new members and ensure high attendance in our events
  • Orders promotional products for use at events and fairs, particularly the Freshers' Fair
  • Leads the promotion of the society at the Freshers' Fair
  • Comes up with new and innovative marketing strategies
  • Creates schedule for other Execs to share material on Facebook, increasing awareness and boosting attendance
  • Boosts posts on Facebook to reach a wider audience
  • Attends all events organised by the society
  • Expands the society's social side
  • Arranges social events for the society, consisting of non-sober (clubbing) and sober socials (Laser Tag etc.)
  • Liaises with other societies in order to arrange collaborations
  • Communicates with external companies and acquires quotes for event ideas
  • Calculates expenses and devises ways to subsidise cost for members
  • Brings in new ideas which deviate from the traditional non-sober socials
  • Arranges mass transport to and from social events

Campaigning Process

Please adhere to the following rules regarding campaigning for candidates:

  • Candidates can publicly announce their candidacy only after they have nominated themselves and submitted their manifesto by sunday, February 17th 2019 at 23:59.
  • Candidates must be members of the Risk Management Society and can run for one position only.

Please note that the current Executive Committee reserves the right to take disciplinary measures against candidates who do not adhere to our rules and regulations. Rules may change as decided by the current committee.


Nominate yourself

Thank you for your interest in Warwick Risk Management Society. We wish you all the best.


Create experience. Shape WRM.

We don't just organise events, we are committed to creating experience. We're reinventing how a society should work, be part of it.
Apply now for our First Year Executive Positions.

Application Process

1. Learn about the available positions
2. Send your application using our form below
3. We'll get in touch regarding the next step

Application Deadline: Friday, 27th October 2017 23:59 BST (rolling)
Available positions

We have opened applications for available positions on our Executive Committee. We are looking for first year students who are interested in being involved in a young and fast-growing society, where they are given the opportunity to directly make an impact.

Get involved and get ahead. We are offering real roles with real responsibilities.

First Year Executives

We are looking for first year students to join our team. Students from all degree courses can apply and you don't need to have any experience.

Moreover, we are specifically looking to assign first year executives to the following areas: creative, operations, communications and general. At the end of the page, complete the super simple, short and straight-forward form to apply for a position. We look forward to reviewing your application.


Creative — design the experience


Experience with any design software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. 

Full Description

We take pride in our brand and we go all out. This year, we have undergone a major revamp and we’re looking for creative and innovative individuals who are the best at what they do; who can express our vision and continue to take us higher. The Creative Department is one of the most exciting areas of the society and is what adds colour to WRM. This department is committed to the brand and is responsible for moulding how we, as a society, are perceived by the public. They are ambitious in their approach and can effectively communicate their ideas – tapping into students from all different walks of life.

The responsibilities include producing all creative solutions; from communications materials (all Facebook posters) and flyers, to promotional videos and banners. Promoting our events and ideas in a smart and creative way is what will set us apart from the rest. Hence, we are looking for creatives who have experience with any design software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. We encourage all talented people to apply to be part of the Creative Team.

If you are interested in being the fundamental driving force of growth, we want to hear from you.



Operations — strategists this way


No specific experience or skills required.

Full Description

Operations and logistics are paramount to the success of our events. They are responsible for the flawless delivery of everything we envision and they keep in mind all of the small things that make an experience great. Furthermore, they oversee every aspect of event planning leading up to the event itself, hence they have strong organisational skills and know exactly what makes an event exceptionally successful. This includes carefully checking venue selections, supervising the booking of the rooms, minimising clashes with lectures and other major events, welcoming speakers, ordering food for events and a lot more. They coordinate quickly and communicate effectively to maintain efficiency throughout the whole process. Other qualities include attention to detail, works well under pressure and can think rationally under unforeseen circumstances.



Communications — be our voice


No specific experience or skills required. But, the ideal person must know a lot about how most social media work and possess exceptional competency in the English language and the written word (ideally with a flair in copywriting).

Full Description

As the voice of the society, you will be responsible for our online activities and will manage our social media accounts, adopting a consistent professional, yet youthful tone. You will plan, write, edit and improve short content and leverage your strong communicative abilities to present your ideas to students and generate excitement and momentum for our events and the society in general.

They know the difference between hyphens and dashes, know when the peak times are for posting and will always choose bullet points, where appropriate, just because it looks nicer. Bottom line: they are the masters of text formatting and are the social media pundits. Not only do they easily relate to the playful character of our audience, but through words, they reflect the exciting and forward-looking nature of the industries we function in.





No specific experience or skills required.

Full Description

We are also interested in first year students who would like to be involved with the society through a more general 'fresher rep' role; assisting the society in many different ways when need be and rotating around different areas.

Your role may include assisting the society by generating hype for our events through social media and taking on some responsibilities for preparation of our events. Hence, you must be approachable and naturally charismatic. If you are a first year student who would like to get involved with the society, but do not necessarily feel as if the three areas above are suitable for you, we highly encourage you to apply for this post.



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