October 17, 2017

Meeting Marsh & Mercer

Yesterday, Warwick Risk Management Society had the pleasure of hosting a company presentation and networking event with Marsh and Mercer — the UK's leading risk management and consultancy firm, respectively.

During this event, the different operational and career areas of the firms were explained, and the company representatives stressed the fact that there is no specific pathway one must follow in their firm. With careers ranging from investment management to actuarial and consultancy, they also made it known that there are no specific course requirement to apply to their internships or graduate jobs — valuing a wide range of diverse skill sets. They have branches all over the UK, all of which offering internships and/or graduate jobs. The assessment and application process were explained in detail — which for those of you who missed it, we highly encourage taking a look at their company website.

What their representatives also pointed out is that their role on campus is to identify talent early, providing successful candidates with a fast track path to becoming future leaders within the organisation.

Click here to learn more from their website.